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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most common website you make?
A: Our most common website project is a template website with five pages, including content input and hosting.
Q: How much will my website cost?
A: It depends! We can make a quote for you by asking a few questions to get an accurate number, just send us an e-mail. Otherwise, the most common website project is a template website with five pages, including content input and hosting, which is between $2000-$3000. A great example of such a website is
Q: What is the difference between a custom website and a template website?
A: A custom website is made completely from scratch and is great for large companies that require very specific things from their websites. Custom sites can cost around $8,000-$10,000 for a decent one. Template websites are much more cost effective and produce very nice looking and working sites for around $2,000-$5,000, depending on the amount of pages, content, and special extensions. While templates are more restrictive in what you can do, often our clients are not hindered by them and the cost more than makes up for it. A good analogy for the templates we use are that they are like Lego kits- you receive a board to start building your Legos on and the Legos themselves, but it's up to you to build either the figure on the box or whatever else you feel like making from the Legos.
Q: How long does it take for my website to go live?
A: From the moment we receive the go-ahead and the required content, it typically takes 1-3 months for a five page template website. Other or additional options will take longer to accommodate and with be addressed more accurately in a quote.
Q: What is a responsive website?
A: A responsive website is one that will resize itself to the screen you are using to view it. Your responsive website can go from desktop computer to laptop to tablet to phone and everything in between will a little reformatting. Quite a few templates come with this feature built in, luckily! Otherwise custom responsive websites could mean a much larger cost.
Q: I don't know what to say on my website, will you write content for me?
A: While it's always best for the owner of the website to provide their content, we do extensive research into your business and market and are able to provide copywriting services if need be. Just point us in the right direction, give us a few details that need to be highlighted, and we will create your content.